I am food obsessed!

Food to me isn’t something that I have to put a priority on or wonder if today I will care about it because its what I think about most of the time that I am awake.  I have cooked in a restaurant, done personal chef gigs, waited tables, eaten at all restaurants that I can, and experimented on my own daily because I truly love food.

A friend of mine that currently works as a head chef at prominent restaurant tells me that I do things surrounding food more than anyone he’d ever worked for or with.

I’ve started to believe it is my mission to stop the people from eating dreadful and boring food.  Now I take frequent emails and calls about where to eat whether in town or out of town.

My philosophy on food is simple, give me the best of whatever it is.  Sometimes you have to settle but if I settle I want it as close to the best I’ve had or I’m just not that interested.  The good thing I will say about mediocre, average or even poor restaurants is that they let you know exactly whats missing and help you to appreciate quality when you find it.

Funny thing about food these days is that you find amazing restaurants in places that you would never think.  The best piece of Toro I’ve had wasn’t from some big name place but a hole in the wall with only 10-15 tables.  The best country food that I’ve found, is inside the perimeter.  These things make no sense.  The world has become so small that we can source anything to anywhere.

If you don’t think about food as often as I think about food then use this site to make the next best decision about what you put into your mouth.


Jeremiah Davis

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